Nan and Byrons


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I really love the food here. Great food, great price. The restaurant itself inside and out is stunning and welcoming. They have friendly, approachable and reliable staff. I will be back soon with my friends. 




I chose this place as the venue for our event last year and will come back sooner for our company event. The place is not too big but it’s enough to accommodate us. I love how they took care of planning to the actual events. They are so reliable, always smiling while serving the guests. Thank you, Nan and Byron’s! 




It might be the best wine selection in Milwaukee. I love how they treat the customers and serve the food in no time. They are fast and reliable. They have an extensive selection of menus and alcoholic drinks. This is the best restaurant and bar in town, everything here is great, from food to drinks, to ambiance, to staff, and services. No wonder why it is always busy. The food are a bit pricey but really worth paying for. 




I came here to eat lunch with my wife. Upon entering, my wife and I already feel the comfort and welcoming vibes that this restaurant brings. I love how the staff communicates with us. They offer very good service. Now, we’ve listed Nan and Byron’s as one of our favorite restaurants in Milwaukee. 




My friend is usually dining in this place. She talks about Nan and Byron’s a lot so I got curious and tried it once. And for the first time since entering the place, it suddenly amazed me. Now, I always dine at this place together with my friends and colleagues.