Nan and Byrons


Get the answers to the most asked questions in Nan and Byron’s website. These may help you get to know about our services better. 


How can I make a reservation? 


Reservations are highly recommended at Nan and Byron’s because if you don’t, you might end up waiting for a table. Fortunately, there are a number of ways to arrange your reservation. You can call, email or visit us personally. Please make a reservation 48 hours prior to your arrival here. 


When you’ve already booked your reservations, we suggest arriving 10 minutes prior to your reservation time. Due to queues, be sure to come on time, if not, your seat will be given to another customer. 


Are organic and vegan meals available at Nan and Byron’s? 


Yes. Organic and vegan meals that meet the USDA’s standards are available at Nan and Byron’s. We always strive to do our best and ensure all possibilities to result in the highest quality of food that will meet the customers standards and satisfaction. 


Do you have other menu options beside the ones posted on your site? 


Yes, we have a selection of food and liquor to satisfy every palate. In addition, to our menus, we feature fresh seafood, entrees of salads, pasta, bread, desserts and more. 


Is there a dress code? 


Nan and Byron’s does not require any dress code. We want you to feel comfortable with your attire. However, the majority of our patrons are dressed in their smart casual and business casual attire. 


What credit cards do you accept? 


Nan and Byron’s accepts all major credit cards including Mastercard and American Express. 


What are the benefits that Ill get when I subscribe to your newsletter? 


By signing up to our newsletter, you will receive news about Nan and Byron’s new offers, promos, discounts, events and more.