Nan and Byrons


Classic and Authentic American Dishes

Bring the whole family this Summer season to Milwaukee and grab a sunny spot on the patio or sit at a table inside Nan and Byron’s Restaurant and Bar to experience the old and original American style of dining. 


The menu at Nan and Byron’s Restaurant and Bar has an Americana feel, with classic and authentic American dishes including meatloaf, burger and fries, spaghetti and meatballs, and roasted chicken. Executive chef Nancy and partner chef Byron spend their time and effort to develop the menus and the decor in their restaurants to recreate the Old American concepts.  Our restaurant’s front and back doors are made of customized classic wood, including the garage door attached. All thanks to


Taste our scrumptious dishes with reasonable prices such as the dainty deviled eggs with a creamy filling. Do not forget to accompany our appetizers list, including the smoked poblano cheese dip, which complements the homemade crispy chips. Mostly, our patrons prefer our popcorn. They say that it even works with the dip rather than the chips that is brought to the tables, free of charge, during dinner service. Meanwhile, other people choose the classic cheese dips. Our salad entrees are unpretentious — vegan or not you will definitely love our recipes. The slightly spiced classic half roast chicken that sits on top of a green sauce with chilies and herbs is to die for. While the meatloaf made with premium beef is our best seller. For the price of $14, you can get a similar classic taste with a twist. The large brick of moist meatloaf served with a unique taste of ketchup and red wine sauce is both satisfyingly familiar and slightly quirky. 


Side dishes cost only $5 each when ordered à la carte, but most side dishes are served on top of American dishes. Do not worry because all of our menus and side dishes complement each other. The classic and famous mac and cheese is creamy and loaded with cheddar that brings a dense richness to macaroni. Hamburger and fries are one of the best-sellers in Nan and Byron’s, the meaty and beefy patties with crispy and fresh vegetables and secret sauce that make the classic hamburger more delicious. The crispy french fries really goes along well with the kids and teens’ favorite. Our barbecue mixed with diced vegetables are not just ordinary barbecue. You might not find the taste of food at other local restaurants.  


We suggest reserving a table 48 hours before your arrival at Nan and Byron’s because if you don’t, you might end up waiting for a table. Our beverage director, along with the mixologists of Nan and Byron’s, developed the varied and eclectic drink menu which include drinks such as the juniper cooler which is tangy and bright with hints of citrus along with cooling gin for only $10 as well as the Southern coffee. It is the star during dessert, with Kahlua, smooth bourbon and more. 


This place is a fun stop and a family-friendly restaurant early in the evening. Nan and Byron’s will likely become a favorite for anyone searching for a lively bar scene, a traditional and accessible menu, and late night snacks. 


We encourage you to keep browsing on our website to know more about Nan and Byron’s. Thank you for your time!