Nan and Byrons

About Us 

Nan and Byron’s Restaurant and Bar was founded in 2010, located in Milwaukee. The Nan and Byron’s is an old house, they developed and renovated it but they maintained other features of the house. Owners Nancy and Byron want their new restaurant concepts to be Traditional American. 


Diners can expect things they grew up on, such as food, ambiance, and services. The chefs, who are owners of the restaurant at the same time, offered some menu ideas, like the meatloaf, beef stroganoff, burger and fries, and spaghetti and meatballs. Chef Nancy, the master behind the unique menu is also the executive chef at Nan and Byron’s. So the food will be traditional, but done “Chef Nancy and Byron’s style.” 


But what really sets this restaurant apart is the extensive specialty cocktail menu. There are places around town that puts cosmopolitans and dirty martinis on their specialty cocktail menu. And there is a restaurant that offers basic cocktails, not special cocktails. Nan and Byron’s is different from the others. We have 20-25 unique, original and real cocktails on our specialty cocktail menu, representing about 50 percent of the drink menu. 


The decor and designs from inside and outside the patio is very early Americana. Imagine the American Gothic House painting, with rustic chandeliers, yet elegant tables and chairs and exposed brick. Nancy and Byron’s is a kind of place where you can wear the most comfortable jeans you have. 


The owners are hard at work developing and elevating the full menu, cocktail and another liquor list, and the overall ambiance and decor of the restaurant. We hope you can enjoy and experience the old American feels with Nan and Byron’s. The hard work and efforts that were put in the restaurant really paid off through the support of locals and tourists. And because of that, we are doing all the possible ways to make you more satisfied.